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Your connection to international markets.

As well as Central London and the UK, Farebrother helps clients reach the global property markets. Farebrother is the sole UK affiliate of CORFAC International (Corporate Facility Advisors), bringing independently-owned real estate firms together as a global network.

For us, it’s the natural extension of the joined-up, complete service we provide by drawing on the expertise of everyone in our organisation. Through CORFAC, we can tap into insight and on-the-ground knowledge in 60 markets including North America, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, and Russia.

As a result, our clients get the competitive advantage of expert advice on a global scale – for real estate decisions that make sense as part of a connected national and international strategy. Meanwhile, our CORFAC International affiliation helps us support overseas investors and occupiers as they develop their UK presence, whether that's in Central London, Midtown, the South Bank, or elsewhere.

Please contact Alistair Subba Row (asubbarow@farebrother.com | +44 20 7855 3555) or Charlie Thompson (cthompson@farebrother.com | +44 20 7855 3554) for further details.