Azar Laghaei

Azar Laghaei PhD

Head of Research


Azar is the Head of Research at Farebrother

Azar directs and develops research and consultancy services for Farebrother. She manages the firm’s various publications alongside bespoke client research. Azar’s vast research experience and in-depth knowledge of the central London office market are formative in driving our business ideas forward and providing our clients with the latest and most accurate market advice.

Azar has a diverse background with more than ten years of academic and business research practice. She also has experience in international markets and is particularly familiar with the emerging markets of the Middle East. Some examples of Azar’s previous work were cited in the investment strategy magazine ‘Funds Europe’ and the Global Funds Media’s online magazine ‘propertyfundsworld’.

Azar earned her doctorate from the University of Reading and, prior to that, she was awarded a pre-doctoral fellowship by Dumbarton Oaks, a research institute of Harvard University. She was formerly a London Markets Analyst at Cushman & Wakefield.

Please do get in touch with Azar for the latest trends in the Midtown and South Bank occupier and investment markets.