About Us

Ever since 1799, we’ve been forging close relationships with our clients, to shape the culture, community and landscape of London’s Midtown.

Our independence as a real estate consultancy means that we have the integrity, agility and ingenuity to foresee market trends – then bring our clients a unique perspective that delivers the results they need. Rather than sell them something we think they want to hear.

Our Heritage

We like to hear stories about London’s Midtown – and we have a few to tell ourselves. Since Charles Farebrother founded our firm in 1799, we’ve contributed three Lord Mayors, successfully advised our clients through World Wars and recessions, and continued to transform London to this day. Our story is woven into the fabric of London, which is why we’re still shaping Londoners’ lives today.

Community Matters

Farebrother plays a keen role in economic development and regeneration partnerships in London as well as in international real estate networking. Our stakeholder approach in the London Midtown market, where we champion local issues and take a leading role in key associations, provides another dimension to our service. Clients appreciate our local connections and community commitment and vision. As a member of the community, we believe we have a clear obligation and responsibility to serve the wider community’s needs and that by doing so we are able to fulfil the core values of our firm.