21 Tabernacle Street


15,000 sq ft Self-contained contemporary office development
21 Tabernacle Street is a beautifully remodelled office development by Hale Brown Architects which provides 15,000 sq ft of flexible office space with an industrial aesthetic. The office floors will be delivered with new contemporary finishes and the scheme has been enhanced with a new 5th floor which benefits from a generous terrace.
Floor Area (sq ft) Availability Desk Suitability No
5th Floor 1,744 Available 15-26
4th Floor 2,889 Available 26-44
3rd Floor 3,028 Available 27-46
2nd Floor 3,008 Available 27-46
1st Floor 2,979 Available 27-45
Ground Floor 1,483 Available 13-22
Total 15,131